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    DTMS Program    
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PHE Management System


    Steering Committee Meetings    
    Training management system    
    Pathways Reports  
        Ford Reports
        SC Reports
        Impact Reports
    Evaluation System    
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    Tracking System of Training Evaluation    
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    Registration for DTMS, S-2010    
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    Registration for DTMS, S-2009    
    Registration for DTMS-C, Helwan    
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    Registration for TOT    
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    Registration for TTC    
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Training Evaluation      
    Evaluation for DTMS, W-2010    
    Evaluation for DTMS, S-2009    
    Evaluation for DTMS-C, Helwan    
    Evaluation for DTMS, W-2009    
    Evaluation for DTMS, S-2008    

Trainees /Reports


    DTMS Trainees- up to W-2008    
    DTMS w-2008 Reports    
    DTMS Graduation Reports    
    ETS Trainees    
    ERS Trainees    
    ERS Graduation Projects    
    TOT Trainees    
    TOT Graduation Reports    
    DLS Trainees    
    DLS Graduation Projects    
Alumni Activities      
    الإنسان والطرق ... الطرق والناس    
    Alumni Web site    
    Alumni/Trainers Window    
Training Publications       
    Arabic Publications    
    English Publications    
    Six years in Egypt    
    Training Material of DTMS    
    Training Material of TOT    
    Training Material of DLS    

Media Coverage


    Newspapers and Magazines    
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    PHE documentary films    

Pathways Scholarships


    Post-Graduate Scholarships    
    Patent Grant    
    Contribution in Employment    

Conferences & Presentations


    Cairo International Book Fair    
    Mexico Conference    
    QAA Strategy Seminar    
    e-training Paper    
    General Lectures    
    PHE Graduation Ceremonies & Workshops    
    Social Events    
    Women Opportunities in Work Market Seminar    

PHE Team

    Pathways Structure    
    Steering Committee    
    Management Team  
        Dr. Mohsen Elmahdy
        Dr. Sayed Kaseb
        Dr. Ahmed Elzoghby
        Ms. Mai Saeid
        Dr. Abdullah Shoeb
        Eng. Ragab Mahrous
        Administrative Staff
Statistical Data      
    General Statistics    
    DTMS Program    
    ETS Program    
    CC Program    
    TOT Program    
    DLS Program    
    ERS Program    
    BBSA Program    


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