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 قصة نجاح 8 أعوام لمشروع الطرق المؤدية الي التعليم العالي في مصر - إضغط للتشغيل
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فيديو إرشادي للمساعدة في طريقة التسجيل والتقديم للتدريب إضغط للتشغيل
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(شاهد المزيد من الفيديو علي قناة الباثواي علي اليوتيوب)

Activities in National Training Program, Summer 2009:

Closing Ceremony Part1, Helwan (Summer 2009) Trainees Activities-3 Trainees Activities-2 Trainees Activities-1
Closing Ceremony Part5, Helwan (Summer 2009) Closing Ceremony Part4, Helwan (Summer 2009) Closing Ceremony Part3, Helwan (Summer 2009) Closing Ceremony Part2, Helwan (Summer 2009)



The movies of Minia University:

-  Opening Session [Part 1 - Part 2]

- Closing Ceremony [Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4]

Batch 5
- Closing Ceremony [Part 1 - Part 2] Batch 6


Extracts of the seminar titled:

Quality Assurance and Accreditation Strategy as a Means to Reform Higher Education in Egypt

Presented by:

Dr. Mohsen Elmahdy Said
PHE/EG Project Coordinator
Faculty of Engineering CU
Dr. Ahmed Farghaly
Dean of the Faculty of Commerce - CU
Dr. Sami El-Sherif
Vice Dean for Students Affairs, Faculty of  Mass Communication - CU
Conducted by:
Dr. Sayed Kaseb
Manager Pathways to Higher Education, Egypt project
Faculty of Engineering CU

Dr. Ali Abdel Rahman


Dr. Sami El Sherif


Dr. Ahmed Farghaly


Dr. Mohsen Elmahdy Said


Dr. Mohamed K. Bedawy


Dr. Magy El-Halawany






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PHE Various Extracts:

DLS Batch 1 extract


TOT Batch 3 extract Download
Opening of the lab in Faculty of Commerce - Cairo University Download
ERS extracts of General Lectures (Time Management) Download
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